Crème de la Crème

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Crème de la Crème

(Jítí, Eli, Káťa, Veru)

Hello! We would like to share with you another cafe that we have visited because of our school project. This review is about Crème de la Crème cafe.

This cafe is situated on Husova 12 street in Prague 1 near the Municipal Library of Prague. You will get there from the Staroměstská station or Národní třída station. The opening time is very friendly for people working unsocial hours. Everyday it is open from 11a.m till 10p.m. We came around 2p.m. and we were lucky because there was one frree table only. So we recommend to make a reservation in advance.

Of course you can connect to free Wi-Fi here, and post fancy photos for example :D and they accept cash and credit cards.

The primary range of Crème de la Crème is ice cream. On their page it is written that they are doing the best Italian ice cream in Prague. You will read further in this review if we are agree with their statement.

The name of the cafe translates as the creamiest of the cream - the best of the best. And actually it does what it says. They only sell what they make themselves. All recipes for Italian ice cream are written by Honza Hochsteiger alias "Mr. Zmrzlinka", who worked in Italy for many years and other places of the world for the best Italian ice cream makers and now he makes the best ice cream for us!

In addition to this ice cream making, they also produce delicious cakes and desserts. Café also offers several kinds of coffee from Radim Tomko's home craft factory in Prague Hostivař. The advantage of this coffee shop is that you can try more sophisticated dishes than just desserts for coffee, especially in sweet and savory - they offer delicious pancakes and sandwiches.


The interior surprised us by it´s size. You enter to this café through the large glass door. Just behind it you can see a huge counter with a wide range of ice creams and desserts in the fridge on your left. Ice cream range is very bif, everybody will choose something. You will also see a bar where you can pay for ice cream or pay after you finish eating. There are two zones for seating, one is opposite to the bar, the other is more cozy. There are only a few tables in it, but for larger number of people.

Not every one of us liked the stylish side of this café. For someone isẗ seemed strange that adult workers wear a red uniform with white dots and big bows in their hair, but on the other hand it was funny and attractive and it suited them. Overall, the café has red and white furniture, which brought the place vibrant and bright atmosphere.

We should mention the staff also. Our waitress was a nice girl who, unfortunately, was not smiling at all. We imagined that she might have a bad and hard day, we of course understand it, because at that time the café was almost full. Unfortunately, during our sitting there, no one asked if we had everything and if we were okay. The girls waited for a long time to bring their food, and we were almost starving. Eli and Kačka ordered an ice cream at the counter and went to sit at our table. The only thing left was to enjoy the ice cream and to support the girls during their waiting.
Overall, we rate the interior by 4 stars and staff unfortunately 3.5 stars, due to long waiting and lack of interest (about clients).

As it has been said before, Crème de la Crème is a business with excellent ice cream, but we have tasted also coffee=cappuccino. Drinks were enough hot and tasty. There's one tiny little thing to mention - the coffee art was missing, even though there was probably an effort. It is a shame, we had a plan to take a picture, because drinks were brought quite quickly, with beautiful foam on top, but unfortunately without coffee art.. Just the look of cappuccino did not please us. It does not matter, it's just a tiny little thing that we can just overlook, because cappuccino tasted great. We could use both white and brown sugar, and the sugar cubes were not usual but in a heart shape, which was really cute ❤️

What about the prices? It wasn't bad at all. Cappuccino costed us CZK 55, which is such a classic and affordable price. In total, the price for coffee ranges from 40 to 90 CZK depending on type. The most expensive coffee you can get here is Ice coffee con Gelato, or Ice coffee with an ice cream, you would pay for it 100 CZK, but it will be definitely good in hot summer days. Hot chocolate was for 65 CZK and chai latte for 75 CZK. The advantage is that you can ask for soy or rice milk, decaffeinated coffee or extra coffee. Everything is with additional price from 10 CZK to 35 CZK.

We give minus points for water that wasn't offered to our cappuccinos.

Drinks here are not just about coffee but also you could find there loose tea and non-teas, juices, fresh juices, homemade lemonades, as well milk fruit cocktails or milk cocktails with yout own choice of ice cream. Prices are from 30 CZK to 95 CZK. From alcoholic beverages they have different types of wine, homemade punch, mulled wine, beer, aperitives, cocktails, prosecco and liqueurs all in adequate prices.
We rate drinks by 4.5 stars out of 5 and it's just because of the water that wasn't brought to us and for unfinished coffee art too.

What can we say about food? Ice cream maker and owner of this restaurant trained in this profession in Italy. That's why the ice cream is worth it. It has won several awards and it is famous, not only by permanent residents of Prague, but also among visitors from abroad.

Big plus point is that you can choose not only classic ice cream, but also vegan or sugar free. Every ice cream is gluten-free except for a few kinds. The choice is really bog, just imagine this flavors: chocolate or vanilla, as well some unusual ones like chocolate with chilli sauce and salted caramel. We were interested by lavender taste. There are also fruit sorbets. The offer varies according to the season. You can put your ice cream in a cornet or in a cup, with a small bowl of CZK 45 and a little cup of CZK 35. You can put up to two flavors in a small portion. The medium corn is for CZK 75 and a medium cup is for CZK 70. The biggest portion costs CZK 100 and it is possible to choose up to six different flavors. You can also take the ice cream home in the thermo package, 500 grams costs 200 CZK and 1 kilogram you would buy for 400 CZK.

We had not only ice cream but as well the salty pancakes, which unfortunately disappointed us..

Pancakes were supposed to be filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, egg and rucola, which Verča or Jíťa did not like, so they asked the waitress to bring them pancakes without rucola. On the first sight pancakes looked pretty "good", even though they were all sprinkled with oregano and parmesan cheese. But their taste was not so "stunning". Pancakes were cold, which was the first sign of something wrong. Tomato sauce tasted like tomato puree, which was quite surprising and strange. And apparently it shouldn't be like that. Girls did not find any eggs inside, and overall, the more Jita and Verča got to the center of their pancakes, the less the pancakes were edible. Eventually, neither of them had finished the whole pancake.

We will try to give a chance in our next visit to sweet pancakes, toasts and sandwiches. Their price ranges are from CZK 125 to CZK 175. But what next time, for sure, we will go for macarons, 1 macaron is for 25 CZK.
Overall, we have had mixed feelings from trying food menu, so we give 3 stars out of 5 and if we would only rate ice cream cafe would get 5 stars out of 5.

Overall, Crème de la Crème gets 4 stars out of 5.

How much would you rate Crème de la Crème? And those of you who were not there, are you planning to visit it someday? Write it down in the comments.

The official side is here.

We are looking forward to seeing you again next time. Bye. ❤

Xoxo, girls from Enjoy by 4.


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