La Bohème

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La Bohème

(Kačka, Eli, Veru, Jítí)

Hi, hi, hi. New review is here! Today it is about La Bohème café. We should say it is a cute larger café with amazing atmosphere and lovely interior. You can find this café in Sázavská street 2031/32, Vinohrady - Prague 2. La Bohème doesn't have a summer garden, but you can take drinks and food with you. Café offers free Wi-Fi, reservations in advance, payments by cash or credit card, and you can come with your pets. 🐕

As we mentioned, interior is so cool and lovely. There are flowers and books everywhere, coffees in bags and many other decorations. This café has two places for you to sit and chill. The first one is bigger and with a few tables with chairs, sofa and armchairs. You can as well sit right beside the windows. The second room has many tables near each other, almost with no space between them. Against tables there is a small bar. And there are beautiful spiral stairs Between these two rooms.
So, for the interior we give 5 stars out of 5, because it's so, so amazing. ❤🌹

Our waiter and waitress were kind and polite. It was so nice that they were smiling. Everything was brought to us quickly and without any problems. A few times they came to ask if everything was OK.
For service we give 5 stars out of 5. We didn't find any mistakes.

What about cappuccinos? Nothing. It is cappuccinos' paradise! Cappuccino costs 55,-. And of course, coffee has wonderful latte art. We also got a jug of water for free in addition to our order, and sugar bags were already on the plate together with coffee.
Ps: Milk without lactose is on request and with additional cost.
Pss: If you want to drink your favorite coffee at home, you can buy here some ground coffee beans.
For drinks we give 5 stars out of 5 and more!

For drinks we had cappuccino of course and Eli had chosen cocoa this time. Everything was hot and yummy with amazing latte art. Sugar (brown and white) was in the small bags.

Ps: Milk without lactose is on request and with additional cost.
We give 5 stars out of 5 for drinks, because we were 100% satisfied.

From food we have chosen only sweet desserts. It was strawberries' cake with mascarpone (105,-), chocolate cheesecake (95,-) and the last one was chocolate cake with liqueur (110,-). Everything tasted so good, but the first cake was a little sweet, the second one was absolutely perfect, and finally the third cake was really dry and those prices! Wow! Expensive, right?

Ps: In this café they have gluten - free food and salty baked goods as well.
We give 4,5 stars out of 5 for food.

Overall, we rate La Bohème 5 stars out of 5.

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The official website is here.

Thank you and see you again next time.
Xoxo, girls from Enjoy by 4.


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