SmetanaQ Café & Bistro 2.0

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SmetanaQ Café & Bistro 2.0

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Hi everyone, today we have a post about our second visit of SmetanaQ. This time we were affected by their beautiful instagram and especially bright breakfast photos. You can read below how we liked it this time.

If it is your first time here, let us remind you that SmetanaQ is located on Smetanovo nábřeží street near the Národní divadlo. It is open from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m., except for Sundays when they open at 9 a.m till 8 p.m. They offer breakfast menu, lunch menu and take away coffee and food as well. You can pay by cash or credit card there and use WiFi for free.

As we mentioned before we have visited this place earlier, but this time we came to try their breakfast menu. We saw amazing pictures on the instagram and got attracted to taste it.

We ordered three different kinds of breakfast, capuccino (of course) and some lemonades. Let's start with scrambled eggs with salmon (149,-) which goes with bread and salad. The taste was good, salty enough and with the appropriate amount of salmon. The one thing we were not sure about is salad, it was sweet, because of the dressing. And Eli could hardly finish it. We would rather appreciate fresh or lemony taste.

The next one is waffles with mascarpone and strawberries (135,-). The last time we ordered them too, it tastes amazing. Fresh strawberries with mascarpone is veery good combination, so we were more than satisfied. If you don't know what to choose, definitely try these waffles.

And here we go to the homemade little pancakes with soured cream and fresh fruits (135,-). Let's say we expected more from it. It was made from yeast dough and we dont mind that but there was really strong taste of yeast. So either it was old or they put too much of it. It didn't taste good. And as well there were seeds in grapes, so it wasnt really pleasant to eat. Beside other things it looked veery attractive, but we also find a little hair in it. We understand that it can happen, we are all people, and we were really hungry so we put the hair aside and continued to eat.
Overall for the food we give 4 points out of 5 because of a long waiting, sweet salad and hair on the plate.

Lets move to the lemonades. We have chosen Strawberry with mint (0,5l), Lemon (0,5l) and Fresh grapefruit juice (0,2l). The bigger ones were in jugs with straws which looked really nice. They were delicious, the one with lemon had stronger sour taste. All drinks except of fresh juice came with ice, which was excellent!
All in all we liked it so 5 points out of 5 for drinks.

You can see on photos how does the interior look like. We think it is very cosy and spacious. Because of the big windows, there is a lot of light, which makes atmosphere inside more pleasant.
So for interior we give 5 points of course.

About the service. All waiters were smiling and definitely had a good mood, so we cant complain.
Nice uniform and quick reaction is all we needed. 5 out of 5 for this time.
In total SmetanaQ gets 4,5 points out of 5!

Don't forget to write your impressions about this place and be sure that you checked their official pages and instagram.

We look forward to seeing you more often in our blog. Bye for now!

We wish you a pleasant day,

Girls from Enjoy by 4 :)


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