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Czech Republic - Prague

Cafe/bistro Oliver's Coffee Cup
Wenceslas Square 804/58, 110 00 New Town

In case that you are wondering where to have a hot tea or coffee and you are somewhere at Wenceslas Square, take my recommendation and visit Oliver's Coffee Cup. It is on the first floor of Dům Módy (Wenceslas Square 58), you will see the signs, they will help you to get to the right place.

Opening time on weekdays is from 8:30a.m till 8:30p.m and on weekends is from 9a.m until 8p.m. It is cozy and pleasant inside, there are soft colorful chairs, big windows and beautiful wall with a drawn map which tells some interesting facts about coffee. You could spend few minutes exploring this map and whole interior. In case that you are lucky person and get the table by the window, you will have a nice view to the Square and Wenceslas Monument as well.

At Oliver´s Coffee Cup you will find different beverages, juices, cocktails and lemonades. You can choose from the current assortment at the bar (there is a big variety of desserts, cakes and croissants).

On my last visit I had a hot cocoa with marshmallows (75 CZK) and it was very good. Before that, I got one of their lemonades (I assume it was Basil with lemon 69 CZK) and it was great as well.
I hope you will like this place.


Link for original website is here.


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